Autistic Children Left in the Dust as EIBI program cut short

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What is happening with children with autism during the Pandemic is a national tragedy, that will have impacts for decades to come. The Nova Scotian government has cut the dramatically effective EIBI (Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention) program to 67% of what research shows is needed to increase the intellectual, communication and social skills of autistic children.

From the provincial government’s own research, it is the most cost-effective method in Canada. And the results have been dramatic. Some non-verbal children start to speak. Others communicate using cards with picture on them, which can lead to talking down the road. Intellectual and social abilities have also increase significantly.

The program usually runs for the full year prior to entering school. The program  was shut down for 4 months with the outbreak of Covid. This created a backlog. Some children only received 4 months. The current group is getting six months.

What does this mean? Children will never learn to talk. They will need life long care givers. They have little chance of becoming productive members of society. We strongly urge the provincial and federal government to provide funds now!