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Guardian Australia: Drop Van Badham as a columnist

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Van Badham proclaims herself to be a feminist, and independent; she is also a columnist who writes for the Guardian Australia.

However, recent events show that her objectivity is severely compromised. Not only that, and more seriously, she is also known to bully, defame, harass, and slander people who question her objectivity, point out the inaccuracies in her writing, or otherwise express a contrary viewpoint to her own. She uses her large social media following as a means to belittle, slander, and blatantly defame and abuse people who disagree with her or who dare to point out her lack of objectivity, factual innacuracies, or anyone who dare to stand up for themselves. If that isn't bad enough, she also encourages her fans to follow in her lead.

I wish I could say that the incident in the link above is an isolated incident, but unfortunately that is not the case: it is just the latest. She has a history of defaming, slandering, and bullying people online. It isn't just elected reps that she targets, she targets everyday ordinary rank and file supporters of the Greens in her abuse. This includes her targeting young women who identify as Greens supporters during the 2016 Federal Election campaign, as well as targeting, defaming, slandering, and making false allegations against people who point out her factual innacuracies.

This is utterly toxic and appalling behaviour for someone who writes for a credible publication. In fact, the Guardian having someone like Van Badham on their books actually compromises its credibility.

The Guardian should not have Ms. Badham as a columnist for this reason, and the community calls on Lenore Taylor, editor of the Guardian Australia, to drop Van Badham as a columnist.

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