Don't let Club Lennox outdoor festivities get shut down, we NEED your SUPPORT! please sign

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Ballina Council have informed the club that due to a very small number of complaints regarding noise pollution, children's behaviour and drunken behaviour from club members and guests it is anticipated that Ballina Council will impose a number of conditions on the club in the near future that will inhibit the club from providing events such as the Street Food and Beer festival and the regular Sunday Sessions on the Green.

This will once again place the club in a very difficult financial position and may limit our opportunity to support the local community.

Please sign the petition if you wish to show your support for Club Lennox, YOUR LOCAL CLUB!!

We need to show the council that the local community is behind Club Lennox and the events we provide, especially those that are held outdoors.

I started this petition, because…
I have worked at Club Lennox for 4 years and we have worked tirelessly to be able to provide events that the community has asked for. We have been shown an enormous amount of support and gratitude for hosting great events and giving families the opportunity to hang out in a child friendly atmosphere and it would be devastating if we were forced to stop future events.