No to Lenasia Scholar Transport Plan

No to Lenasia Scholar Transport Plan

August 11, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lenasia Resident

We the Residents of Lenasia are opposed to the STEF taxi facility planned within our residential area.

As per previous communication to City representatives by LRA (June 2021)

  The history of this project should speak for itself. Community members from across the Lenasia Area stood up against it in 2016.

The objections raised at the time were noted and found relevant to halting this project, after Lenasia raised over R100 000.00 to legally object to this by taking the City of Johannesburg to court.

It is an insult to Lenasia and our Constitution that the Officials at the City would bring back this project in a haphazard manner.

We as Lenasia have spoken against it and stand unwavering in our decision to not have the Scholar Transport Exchange Facility in Lenasia. 


There's no need for taxis to stay around after dropping children off at schools. 

It doesn't solve the problems of:
- Taxis parking on our streets and blocking off our roads during drop off and pick up times.
- Pupils loitering our areas and polluting/vandalizing our properties
- The proposed spot in a residential area  is likely to compromise on safety of residents
- The proposed area will also have a negative impact on our main road, creating extra traffic and   inconvenience for people travelling to work. Even if the road is expanded, taxis are notorious for disobeying traffic laws.
-It negatively affects the value of our homes as taxi ranks are not  safe zones. (Theft,  offensive activities- loud music, pollution, etc. taxi violence, protest actions,)

(Testimonials from residents and workers near the CBD taxi rank  and residents living adjacent to the taxi rank in X9 behind Trade Route Mall many who ended up selling their properties for half its value, confirm above concerns to be real and valid)

- Taxi ranks /STEF are crime hotspots. We already have one in our CBD, We don't need another one in our residential areas.

-It is very unlikely that Taxis will commit to parking in the area only. They will still park off anywhere in Lenz that suits them, and we don't expect JMPD or anyone else controlling the situation, when clearly no such  control is implemented with the CBD taxi facility, so why waste the money on this project.

-The very high possibility of sub contractors not finishing contracts hired by corrupt officials in securing tenders.

We are not in favour of a taxi facility/STEF in the following areas of Lenasia:
-within our residential area
-entry/exit points
-on our main roads

-We are not in need/and do not want this STEF


Long-term solution:

The City should build/renovate existing  schools in the areas where the scholars come from. This will be  safer for them  instead of them travelling with unsafe taxi's & it will save their parents R1000+ per month on transport fees. 

Interim  proposals:
-We would prefer these taxis be accommodated within the school premises
-The pupils and their transport are the responsibility of the schools.
-The taxis should only be allowed to drop off and pick up pupils within these areas.
-No parking should be allowed on the roads at any time.
-Pupils are also not allowed to exit the school premises/loiter on the streets.

-There's no need for the taxis to stay around after dropping off. They should return to their respective areas and return when it's time to pick the children up from within the school premises.

Alot of money was used to upgrade the CBD transport facility. Scholar transporters should be accommodated there.

- The unwanted activities associated with taxi areas will be better monitored/controlled within the confines of the School property than in the residential area, as the schools could implement rules and regulations and appropriate measures can be taken for any violations.
This will not be possible with a residential taxi area.

- This measure has already been implemented by Impala Cescent School in Lenasia X5, which serves as a model for all other schools in this regard.-


- We believe this is in the best interest/safety of the pupils as well as the residents.

There are other much needed infrastructure maintenance and upgrades to our environment which the money allocated for this project should be used for:
-Cleaning up and upgrading our CBD which has become a slum

-Schools and facilities for certain areas like X13

-Internal transport service for our residents, especially the elderly etc


We the Residents of Lenasia are of the view that this STEF/Taxi facilty:

-Will become another crime hot spot

-Will not be safe for the scholars.

-Will increase pollution 

-Will downgrade our properties

There are better, less costly solutions, ie. schools   making provision for their student transport requirements.

It is a futile project and a huge waste of taxpayers monies, which could be put to better use for major infrastructure maintenance and upgrades.



Kind regards


Concerned Lenasia Residents.

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Signatures: 2,379Next Goal: 2,500
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