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President, save the most biodiverse place on the world!

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YASunidos, we are a non-profit organisation that pursued a ballot, we collected more than half a million signatures to call the ballot so the Ecuadorian can decide if oil is extracted from the Yasuní, today we raise once again the voice of thousands of people, animals and nature to defend the this place and ask the president Lenin Moreno to include our question in the next referendum. 

Yasuní is the name of the world’s most biodiverse region, a tropical rainforest where there are more tree species than in all of Canada and the United States combined. This Ecuadorian national park is home to indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation, whose lives depend on the forest’s wellbeing. However, the Ecuadorian government plans to extract oil in their territories, thus exterminating these peoples and their millenary forest. The oil industry is highly destructive in all its phases: it deforests, it colonizes, it spills oil, dynamites the forest, extinguishes species and assassinates cultures.

Oil extraction in the Yasuní would release 400 million tons of CO2 to the atmosphere, putting at risk all life on the planet.

 In 2013, the Yasunidos collective was born, with the objective of compelling the Ecuadorian State to organize a referendum, so that it’s the Ecuadorian people who decides on whether there should be oil exploitation in the Park, therefore effectively fighting climate change. Over 750 000 signatures were gathered, more than legally required for a referendum, but after a fraudulent process, the government of Rafael Correa denied the citizens of their right to decide.

Today, there is a new possibility of saving the Yasuní, the current president, Lenín Moreno, is pushing for a referendum on several issues, in which we are working to include the question:

“Do you agree with keeping the oil of the Yasuní-ITT underground indefinitely?”

If you want to contibute to this campaign, share this petition and write to the Ecuadorian president @Lenin using  #YasuniInTheBallot so he realizes the whole world cares about Yasuní.

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