Keep Lemsford Regional Park OPEN

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Lemsford Regional Park opened in the 1960's and quickly became a family favorite for the locals. Over the 60 years of its operation it has seen countless campers, hikers, explorers, Canadian Scouts, outdoor enthusiasts, baseball tournaments, swimmers and fisherman come through. At one time it had a concession stand and hosted swimming lessons for the interested patrons. Cabins sprung up in the park and people invested their time and money into getting the place to look just right, but in the last decade the representatives from the founding members lost their interest in pursuing a bright future for this unique space alongside the South Saskatchewan river. The park authority gave up, and left the park to those who remained to struggle with maintenance and up keep, while reminding them of their shortcomings without their participation. If you've ever been to the park, or you're a nature enthusiast you'd understand that Regional parks in Saskatchewan should be nurtured and encouraged. We are seeking to keep it open and request that the current authority be reappointed with people who care about its future, and not its failure. It's success will support local businesses and give each of us an oasis to escape to all year round!

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