Request Necro Search International To Help Find Missing "LITTLE MAN" Deorr Jay Kunz Jr

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Deorr Kunz Jr was 2 years old at the time he was reported missing on July 10, 2015 while on a camping trip at Timber Creek Campground in Leadore, Id .

  • Little Deorr was reported to be camping with his ;
  • Father                (Vernal Kunz)
  • Mother                        (Jessica Mitchell )
  • Great Grandfather      (Robert Walton)
  • GreatGrandpa's Friend   (Isaac Reinwand)

All 4 of the people above that attended this camping trip have given Several DIFFERENT stories and statements to not only Law Enforcement but 2 Private Investagators regarding what happened on July 10, 2015 .

Their are multiple different theories regarding precious Little Man's dissappearenece but we all want to know was baby Deorr ever even there ! 

Nothing has been done to establish if in fact with 100% certanity that Deorr Kunz Jr was ever at the camping trip and this Non Profit can do that and DO NOT CHARGE being a 501 3c !

Deorr Kunz Jr deserves every available resource availiable to assist in finding him and to Finally bring to Justice those involved in his dissappearenece,  whom ever they may be !

Necro Search International has top of the line specialist and professionals who are highly respected in their fields and specialize in not only, Clandestine Grave Location but Hydrology , Meterology , Entomology , Geophysics, Botany, Animal Signs and Scavenging as well as Computer Anyalis of  the Search Area Data including Satalitite Imagery that can not only assist in trying to solve this case, but Necro Search International Experts can testify as experts in a court of law.


So it's time to make Sheriff Steve Penner aware of the fact that, We The Public will not tolerate the lack of effort on his part in requesting Necro Search International !         

Your signature on this petition could help make Necro Search International happen. Please take the time to sign this petition, it may not seem possible but with enough signatures SHERIFF PENNER will have to stand up and do what's right and call in this amazing organization .