Spm 2021-greding system

Spm 2021-greding system

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Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia

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Started by Bdrna Amirul

Spm 2021

We as a batch 04 student would like to  give a suggestion on greding system.As we are didn't go to sch for past 2 years while studying in online,We would like Lembaga peperiksaan Malaysia to change the greding system..As batch 04 student,we had literally face a hard situation from form 4 till form 5.Also some of us didn't able to  join online classes bcus  we don't have the gadgets and good internet connection  to attend the online class.moreover they are some students who started to work in this pandemic situation to support their family..i hope Lembaga peperiksaan Malaysia will bring up with some changes in Spm 2021 greding system.it could really means a lot to us If this considered.please help us to achieve good results in SPM.By doing this many students will able to at least pass  all the examination especially for sejarah and bm.We are not able to study all the topics in the text book before the SPM exam..We literally have no idea about what's gonna came out for Spm 2021 exam..and our batch is the one to sit for exam in new format(KSSM).I'm sure all of the students had difficulty with this study system!As we have alrdy faced alot mental pressure and problems even before we sit for the examination,I hope the Lembaga peperiksaan Malaysia will change the greding system.with hope,batch 04!I'm doing the petition to help ourselves in the spm examination.So students pls do sign the petition and share around.pls do support! I hope Lembaga peperiksaan Malaysia will help students to pass every single subject including sej and bm.

Here are the suggestion of grading system:






 Lembaga peperiksaan Malaysia,

the suggestion might be look stupid,but there are lot of students in in the depression now bcus they are not able cover  all the topics for the spm.We are literally scared of our spm results.The KSSM format  and KBAT are so hard to catch up.By set this suggested greding,it might help all of the students especially who are poor in studies to just pass their exam..I hope this suggestions will be notice by Lembaga peperiksaan Malaysia �Pls help us to achieve our dreams..we all want to make our parents proud but we still scared that we can't make it happen in real.�Dear batch 04 students,I would like to know your idea on this!pls drop the comments..tq















53 have signed. Let’s get to 100!