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I'm writing this in regards to my brother Christopher Conyers prison number 154764. On April 16,2018 he was a victim of police brutality on the day he was released from prison (South Mississippi Correctional Institute), after serving 6 years mandatory years. While serving his time he never got into trouble with officers and never had any altercations with other inmates while incarcerated.

On his release date while preparing to go home an officer became frustrated with him for asking for a larger size pants. After giving him a larger size , the officer began to antagonize him and follow him around saying , If I catch you out on the street, I am going to blow your brains out! A few minutes later the officer went to hit him, and he blocked it. That is when more officers came rushing over and began choking and punching him until the warden came. The police were called but it was determined he did nothing wrong and he was released. The next day when he went to report to his probation officer he was taken back into custody for a probation violation for something he didn't do, and our understanding is that a person is not guilty of a crime and no probation is subject to violation unless found guilty of a crime. Also, he was not yet on probation when the altercation occurred because he had not been released from prison, so how can someone  violate something he was not yet on. Later the officer pressed charges for assaulting a police officer. At the hearing the judge stated the story and allegations made no since and that he had never seen or heard anything like this before. The officer my brother had the altercation with did not even show to testify, they did not have any video recording showing what happened, and the other officers who witnessed the incident did not show to testify accept one who did not show up until the altercation had already took place. The judge based his decision to send him back to prison for an additional 5 years off the word of one officer who did not start with and did not arrive to assist until after. The judge did not ask for any kind of proof of any kind even though he knew it made no sense to begin with. My brother has done his time for his mistakes he has made, he just wants to come home and start fresh. My brother has already missed so much of his life, time with his kid, sick mother, myself his sister, younger brother and nieces. We do not want him to miss anymore time and special moments with his family for something he did not do. 

Thank you in advance,

Lekethia Conyers


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