keisha sleeping at my house

keisha sleeping at my house

1 January 2021
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leila baker
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Started by Kady Nicole

Me and keisha are like peas in a pod. we have separation anxiety and we will get depressid if we can’t see each other until march. here are some of the many reasons that we should be allowed to see each other:

- keisha has a shopping addiction. without me, she will sell herself to buy stuff she is never gonna use and get herself fat off takeaways.

- keisha has a Netflix addiction also which results in her crying because she has nothing to do other than watch things she isn’t going to remember and watching things she learns nothing off.

- I need emotional support from my friends ( only keisha ) and because she is my only friend not just keisha will be lonely but I will also be very lonely. 

-  we need to be together to encourage ourselves to exercise or we will get fat which means even more boys won’t want us (not that we need boys lollll)

- in the last lockdown, keisha was crying every night because she couldn’t see me, do you really want to see your only daughter upset and devastated? think about it?

- we are going back to school on the 18th anyways and breathing in each others air so why not let us breath each other’s air earlier? 

what do you expect me and keisha to do? sleepovers on ft? watching movies on ft? this isn’t life!!! yolo (you only live once) please consider this for the sanity your daughter has left. 

please look at the photo attached and click the link to see some pics of us being so happy together.

thanks ��� -kady

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Signatures: 6Next Goal: 10
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