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On August 6th, 1993 in Celina,  Sharon Ann Post, 32, was at home with her three daughters Leigh Ann-13, Amanda-9, and Jennifer-6.  Their father Gary Schulte broke into the home in the middle of the night while they all slept, and started an argument with Sharon, then shot her multiple times with the last being to the back of the head as she attempted to get away from him.   Schlute then fled the scene and left her lifeless body there on the floor with their three children now awake and screaming and to deal with the aftermath for the rest of their lives.   Their lives shattered in mere minutes with the loss of their mother and father.   Her family has been robbed of the life they could have had with her, and her grandchildren robbed of a grandmother. This September 2016 Sharon's family and daughters will again battle to keep this man behind bars.   They will be forced to endure the uncertainty of this murderers parole hearing.   Schulte's violent and heinous actions not only took Sharon's life but changed the life of her family forever.   Because of his complete disregard for human life and lack of consciences and remorse, justice demands that this convicted killer be denied parole.   Schulte made a personal choice to kill an innocent human being, the mother of their three girls.   He must remain in prison to accept the consequences of his actions. All three of Gary & Sharon's children still live and reside in Celina raising their families in the small community.   If he were to return they would have to live a life of worry regarding their safety as well as all citizens of Celina. Sharon doesn't get a second chance at life.   Neither should Gary Schulte. Because of Gary's history of abuse, and disregard for human life, we're adamantly opposed to and request that you please deny parole to Gary Schulte for the maximum time allowed by Ohio law.  Please sign this petition to help block this parole. All petition signatures will be kept strictly confidential and will only be available to the victims and their families and The Ohio Parole Board.    

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