Leigh Academy Banning Phones

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Dear All, I think the change that is going to happen at the Leigh Academy on the 2nd July is ridiculous. We are allowed to take our phones in but not allowed to have them throughout the school day! This is awful and frankly not fair on any students with family issues or mental health issues who may need to contact their parents/carers. This is also a not good idea due to students who do not have ipads or other devices, who can’t get on to do research or revision for GCSE’s. Since I am in year 10, it is a vital time for us to have resources such as our phones to help us. This could be before an exam, at lunch or at break. However I find that if we have our phones out in class without the teachers permission, it should get taken for the rest of the lesson, not for the rest of the day or the teachers are posing to take them for a week! 

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