Rent Compromise LUC

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Dear LUC Community,

We demand the possibility to apply for a partial rent reimbursement for the time between the announcement of the Corona measures by LUC (March 13th) and August, when the new academic year starts. Due to COVID-19 many of us could not make use of the rooms in AvB despite paying the full amount of rent. This has been a financial burden for us.

We particularly criticise that first years and Dutch students were not given the option to terminate their contracts early. Since classes will be online for the first two blocks next year, moving out early would have been helpful for students who struggle with paying rent. Paying rent is an expectable expense, however due to Corona students and parents might have lost their jobs, pay second rent elsewhere, or have individualized conditions which created circumstances making rent more difficult to pay.

We assume that paying the rent has been difficult for other students too, and still is. We are aware, that this is also a financially challenging time for the university. However, it is not the students responsibility to support the university with paying rent for rooms that we cannot make use of. Other university colleges (Utrecht and Maastricht) have offered a rent reduction to their students as well.

We researched and it is actually neither DUWO nor LUC who is responsible, but the Leiden Executive Board. They were also the ones to offer international second and third years to terminate their contracts early. We hold them accountable for not acknowledging that rent payment was and is a concern for students at AvB.

We know that Leiden University set up a COVID-19 fund. However, the application process is intransparent, only applicable for non-EU students and was not communicated clearly.

Please sign this petition, if you agree. If paying rent during Corona has not been a problem for you or your family, please still consider signing in support of fellow students.

Thank you!

Hannah Gläser
Chaaru Jain
Maie Klingenberg
Kirra Lunow
Alina Müller