Remove DS Matt Trott from Operation Blackthorn

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"You are hunt saboteurs that's what you do, you trespass on other peoples property and harass people" - DS Matt Trott Leicestershire Police

An official complaint was made to Leicestershire Police after DS Matt Trott said this whilst on the phone to one of our saboteurs. The complaint was upheld and Trott even admitted saying this as well as admitting to putting the phone down and hanging up.

This conversation shows that DS Matt Trott is clearly biased against hunt saboteurs. Trotts actions before and after this conversation are further evidence of his bias.

Trott was the senior investigating officer responsible for issuing Police Information Notices to two saboteurs based on false allegations made by members of the Atherstone Hunt. The hunt had no evidence to back these allegations up yet that didn’t stop Trott from handing out the harassment notices. After official complaints were made to the police the harassment notices were eventually overturned and dropped by Leicestershire Police who apologised and said the harassment notices had been misused and should never of been issued.

Trott took no further action against Atherstone Hunt supporting farmer and hunt chairman's son in law Ashley Davies after Davies was filmed running at saboteurs with a metal bar. The decision to take no further action was taken despite a statement being made and footage handed in by the victim.

Trott again took no further action after Davies drove his quad bike into saboteurs again this was despite a statement and footage being handed in by the victim

As if to highlight the vast gulf in how fox hunts and saboteurs are treated Trott was the senior investigating officer responsible for charging a saboteur despite having received NO EVIDENCE from the Atherstone Hunt. This case went all the way to court where the saboteur was found not guilty after footage showed that the hunt had lied in their statements.

We have been told by Leicestershire Police that if we make a complaint against the hunt we must provide video evidence, it seems the same has not been said to the hunt who are allowed to make complaints and provide no evidence at all.

DS Matt Trott continues to be part of Operation Blackthorn (Leicestershire Police's hunting operation) and continues to be actively involved in investigating hunting issues. We think the phone conversation with the saboteur plus the different approaches taken regarding evidence with fox hunts and hunt saboteurs shows he has a clear bias against saboteurs. As long as this officer remains part of Operation Blackthorn hunt saboteur groups will continue to have zero confidence in Leicestershire Police's ability to deal with hunting issues fairly.