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To make the B6047 safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Following the recent death of a cyclist traveling from Terminal 1 Skatepark to Melton Mowbray there is a requirement for action to be taken so that the hazzardous conditions can be improved so that no other deaths occur.


It is important to protect the lives of young people using the road especially at night when it is pitch black and cyclists and pedestians are not always visable.

This cause impacts you, your family, and friends as you may be a young person or have a young person in your family who frequently travels down the B6047 on a daily basis and is vunerable to the potential risks that this area of road has shown. Highlighting the danger  as a pedestrian or cyclist or even as a driver. 


The recomendations to prevent another incidents should be to add signage, pathways and addiquate lighting, anything to make this road safer for it's users.


Please sign if you support this and want action.

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  • Leicestershire County Council

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