Remove Academies Enterprise Trust from Beacon Academy, Loughborough

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We, the undersigned, declare that we have no confidence in Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) as Sponsor of Beacon Academy, Loughborough, and after a seven year period find it  incomprehensible that Leicestershire County Council and Ofsted continue to allow AET to manage the School, Unit and Nursery when they have not moved forward from the Ofsted ‘Requires Improvement’ rating.

We also find it unbelievable that the DfE continues with their funding agreement with AET in spite of warnings from Ofsted and a bailout from The Education and Skills Agency.

AET’s relationships with staff are being destroyed so much so that there was a proposed national vote of no confidence in the Trust. The Trust have recently announced staff redundancies within Beacon Nursery with very little clarity and explanation as to why, along with the recent announcement of the decreasing Pupil Admission Number (PAN), we have major concerns about the long term sustainability of Beacon Academy under AET.

We are equally concerned about the MLD Unit. Ofsted wrote in their last report dated October 2017,

What does the school need to do to improve further?

‘Improve the quality of leadership and management, including governance, by:

-          ensuring that the additional funding for pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities is spent to best effect so that the attainment and progress of these pupils further improves in key stages 1 and 2’.

We are deeply concerned that this is still an ongoing issue. When asked about funding AET have been less than forthcoming.

We demand that the DfE immediately terminate AET's involvement. We also request that the DfE seek to urgently re-broker the School to prevent its ultimate demise and to prevent further squandering of public funding.

We utterly condemn and totally repudiate any attempt by AET to transfer culpability for the current dire position of the School, Unit and Nursery onto the former Head, Staff and former Governors. 

Our children deserve the right for an outstanding standard of education, which they are not getting at Beacon Academy.