Make Loughborough road one way

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As a mum with two young children  (7 and 1), i find it really worrying walking them to school and preschool each day up loughborough road. The pavement isnt even wide enough to stand next to and hold a young person's hand. Its sloping, narrow and often obstructed by over grown hedges causing people to walk on the road.  Its not wide enough for wheelchairs and mobility scooters, and just isn't suitable or safe for the amount of foot traffic generated by the size of the school campus.

The road is barely wide enough for two cars to overtake, let alone big school buses when there are pedestrians, pushchairs, children on scooters etc being forced to walk on the road .

I ask that the council look into ways to improve the safety on this road, whether it be by making it one way, or looking into alternative means of keeping cars and pedestrians separate.

Surely keeping our children safe on dangerous road has got to be the main concern and priority. Please join me in asking for change!