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Sangat member who recorded video meets with Leicester Police

Guru Nanak Gurudwara (Leics) Sangat

Jul 23, 2016 — On Wednesday 21st July 2016, the person who recorded the video (on 1st July 2016), met with a Sergeant and a Police Officer at Mansfield House, Leicester city centre, expressing concerns about being physically attacked by committee and non-committee members.

Timeline of significant events

1st July 2016:
A sangat member filmed the video, which was shared with all sangat members behind the online petition.

2nd July 2016:
Given that the committee has ignored verbal complaints against Joginder over a 1-year period, as well as, the Special Delivery letter sent on 4th April 2016 and the growing online petition started on 23rd April 2016, sangat members collectively decided that it would be useless to present this video footage to the committee, as they’ll just ignore it.

The sangat was right, as it has been 3 weeks (today) since that footage was uploaded onto YouTube, where it has been viewed over 14,500, YET, Joginder is still cooking and serving food in the langar hall, as if nothing has happened, because the committee has completely ignored it (as we predicted).

3rd July 2016:
When the person who recorded the video (sangat member) dropped his wife off at the temple around 4pm, a non-committee member was waiting for him in the car park. The non-committee member said “The President wants to speak to you for 2 minutes”, hearing which the sangat member told his wife that he’ll be back in 5-10 minutes. However, when he arrived at the office, there were about 10-11 people seated there, along with the President.

The meeting didn’t last 2 minutes. It lasted about 50-60 minutes. Within a few minutes of it starting, a person unknown to the sangat member, tried to physically attack him, even before he had started talking about why he’d made the video. This man had to be restrained by 3 people in that room. We found out on the next day that he wasn’t even a committee member.

Later in the meeting, another person threatened to beat up [saying “You should be beaten up”] & slap the sangat member, without any provocation. Why would the sangat member provoke someone in a room full of 10-11 people, who were all on the same side? Again, this person was also not a committee member.

Why did the president allow at least 2 non-committee members to threaten and intimidate a sangat member?

The full names of these two non-committee members and details of this incident have been reported to the Leicester Police.

20th July 2016:

Around 8pm, two committee members, were waiting for the sangat member who filmed the video, at the front entrance of the Gurudwara. As he walked up the stairs, he observed that one committee member exited the building and stood on the left hand side, on the top step of the staircase, whilst the other held the main door open. As the sangat member reached the top step, the committee member who was holding the door, slammed it shut and it just missed the sangat member by about 30 centimetres.

The sangat member was carrying his daughter in his arms at the time. What would have happened if that door had hit the sangat member, causing him to lose balance, resulting in him and his 3.5-year-old daughter falling down the concrete staircase? We can’t believe the audacity of these 2 committee members.

After the sangat member opened the door that had just been slammed shut, the committee member looked at him blankly and didn’t say anything [“I’m sorry” etc would be the norm, especially at a place of worship].

The sangat member immediately realised that the committee member was probably waiting for him to react angrily (as most people rightly would have in that situation) possibly because these two committee members wanted to get into an argument with him to justify banning him from the Gurudwara, as committee members have told a number of people that this is what they intend to do, because he filmed and exposed Joginder on 1st July 2016, which has proven the sangat has been right about Joginder all along. So, instead of banning Joginder for calling that homeless White woman a “dirty woman” etc, they want to ban the person who simply showed the world scenes of that which routinely takes place at our Gurudwara.

What a disgusting group of people these committee members are.

They won’t remove Joginder from the kitchen after
(a) 1.5-year of complaints,
(b) the Special Delivery letter,
(c) the online petition with over 300 supporters and
(d) the video in which Joginder lies twice and acts questionably,
YET, they’ll slam the door on the face of the sangat member who recorded that video and risk him falling down the concrete staircase with his 3.5 year daughter, simply to create an altercation, following which they’ll justify banning him.

The names of these two committee members have also been reported to the Leicester Police.

21st July 2016:
The sangat member who filmed the video had a 45-minute meeting with a Sergeant and a Police Officer at Mansfield House (Leicester city centre).

He told the Police about the above-mentioned serious incidents and he was assured that the Police would pay the committee members a visit to articulate that they can’t harass, threaten with violence or intimidate someone for simply supporting a petition, which is what the committee has done, since that video was uploaded.

We the sangat members knew that the committee would resort to threatening and violence, which is why we’d decided to remain anonymous from the outset, but the person who happened to film that video couldn’t remain anonymous, as he questioned the homeless White woman and Joginder during the video.

The Police have told that particular sangat member not to engage in any further meetings with any committee members or with the committee as a whole; to report any further threats or attacks.

As reported in our post on 30th April 2016, the committee members harassed gym members, wrongly accusing them of starting the online petition. Please see post:

The committee members have proven through their actions over the past 3 months that they’re not qualified to operate and maintain our Gurudwara.

22nd July 2016:
Leicester Police visited the Gurudwara and spoke to committee members about the above-mentioned incidents.

Interestingly, the committee banned the sangat member’s wife from doing Rehraas Sahib Paath on Tabiya, which she has been doing for the past 2 years continuously on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Why should she be stopped from doing Seva (unpaid), just because her husband exposed the racist Joginder by filming that video footage, which supports the sangat’s letter of complaint and online petition?

Is it fair to stop her from doing Seva (unpaid), WHILST, they continue to pay Joginder money from Guru Sahib’s Golak for his part-time job as a langaria, which he isn’t qualified to do, after everything that has happened?

Please call the committee on 0116 251 7460 and ask them why they are siding with the racist Joginder who has been doing beadbi of langar for over 1.5-years.

Guru Nanak Gurudwara (Leicester) Sangat

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