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I am a white and brindle fluffy boy. I was adopted from an RSPCA rescue by my new mum on June 8th 2014. When she first came to see me she thought I was a Bull Mastiff X Golden Retriever. She has changed her mind since taking me home and thinks that the fluffiness could be Border Collie but what about my nose? Some say St Bernard, some say white Boxer and others say American Bulldog.

I'm a big softy but for the first time in my mum's care, I got very brave back in October when I met a female German Shepherd, known by its owner to be territorial. He also knew it liked to guard its nearest and dearest and wasn't great at listening to commands.

Unfortunately on this particular day I was so eager to say hello to this dog that I did not come back to my mum when she called me. My mum watched in shock as I fought with this dog. The owner forced himself between us as we fought - thrusting his arms in my face and forcing his hand into my mouth to let go of his dog. My mum ran towards us and kept shouting to me to come back but I felt compelled to defend myself. My mum tugged at my tale to pull me away. The man repeatedly kicked me hard in the ribs as my mum grabbed my collar, pulling me up and away from the other dog. The man ended up with a nip mark, a gash in his leg and some jab marks where he had thrust his limbs against my face as I tried to bite his dog.

The man made a colourful complaint to the police and has instructed Personal Injury Lawyers to pursue my mum for compensation.The matter was referred to a Magistrates Court and they have issued an immediate Destruction Order.

I had many assessments whilst in the RSPCA centre, they all said what a lovely boy I am with people & other dogs. A pet behaviourist and trainer both have written what a nice boy I am and that I pose no danger to the public. I have almost 20 character references from my human friends telling the court what a big softy I am. The court ignored all of this. They think I attacked the man and his dog and should be put to sleep despite my previous good character, because of his wounds (considered to be category 2) and my size. My mum does not have money to fight this without legal aid but it has been 3 weeks now, and no news of it or an Appeal Hearing.

I have remained a good boy since this happened and have stayed out of trouble - my mum has been taking me to classes to improve my recall and to regain our confidence when coming into contact with other dogs whilst also addressing how excitable I become when faced with a potential new canine friend. I now wear a muzzle too and am not let off lead in public places under the instructions of our local police.

We need whatever help we can get to fight the destruction order as I am a good natured boy who accompanies my mum just about everywhere - fetes, craft fairs, markets, country parks, on the bus, even to a fireworks display and weekly to church. I am a very calm boy, only becoming excited around other dogs, visitors, balls and when my mum returns after leaving me for longer than anticipated.

Please, please help me stay with my mum - we have developed a very nice bond and do not want to be parted now that I have found my Forever Home.

Please sign this petition in the hope that the court will have a change of heart and revoke the Destruction Order. My mum has started a campaign called ‘Help Save Herbii’- you can find pictures and video footage illustrating what a lovely boy I am and how much I am loved by those who know me on Youtube. I melt the hearts of many who meet me, because I am ordinarily a big hearted boy with a gentle temperament.

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