Let’s get Queens Road Parking back!!

Let’s get Queens Road Parking back!!

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Fash Karami started this petition to Leicester council

Please support us, the Queens Roads wonderful small businesses by helping to retract back to the pre covid parking bays.

We are all aware of the impact it has had on our own convenience, popping in to the florist to grab some flowers for mums birthday , picking our your wedding ring at the jewellers, having your pamper session at the salon, dropping by the coffee shop with your little one to catch up with friends.

Whatever you need, Queens Road seemingly has much to boast about…..

Except the hideous parking since Covid struck……originally we were informed the parking bays were to be used for enabling customers to queue, now months later they are still blocking the parking bays even though they are no longer needed.

Leicester council are now claiming that the restrictions are to enable Fingerprints and Veranda bar outdoor table facilities. This incredulous act is unfounded by the business owners, who do not wish to have the seating areas IF it means no parking is in place.

Might we just add that Fingerprints cafe has had tables and chairs outside for over a decade…. So it’s seems to the locals that it is just another excuse from the council and we want to know the real reason behind it all …..

As you can imagine all the independent retailers are suffering preposterously due to the lack of customers being able to have the flexibility to park so easily. The luxury has been taken away from the public and the consequences to businesses have been very dramatic.

We as a community, as local business owners agree that the parking bays should be returned to how they had always been. Lecturers, sports men and women, school run mums and dads, the butcher, the deli guy, WE ALL RELY ON PARKING!

Let’s not forget to mention, the parking permits on various side streets off Queens Road, are also greatly impacting the thoroughfare for local businesses. Many people are choosing to park irresponsibly by illegally leaving their cars willy nilly whilst they pop into a shop. We, the public need access to a safe, secure environment for our children walking, cyclists, runners and everyone in-between, because they all are paying the price of cars parked incorrectly, having to walk by the road, low visibility….this could be avoided. We need to take action….

This is just another string to the bow of concerns surrounding this petition.
We all value and appreciate our local councils efforts on matters of varying importance. However we cannot fathom their reasoning for this absurd decision to continue blocking the parking bays.

You will find on Wikipedia the below statement, reiterating that our wonderful Queens Road is renown for its independent local businesses :

Clarendon Park today

An important influence on Clarendon Park is its proximity to the University of Leicester. A large number of university students live in the area, something that has led to it being described as "a redbrick uni nirvana".
Leicester Squash Club and Leicestershire Lawn Tennis Club are both a short walk away in nearby Stoneygate and Knighton.
Clarendon Park is known as a centre for small independent businesses, with cafés and vintage and second-hand shops particularly well represented.

Please show us, your local Queens Road, Clarendon Park family businesses your full support by signing this petition to GET BACK OUR PARKING FACILITIES ��

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!