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Petition against Islamophobia - Prevent damaging community cohesion

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Organised By: The Federation Of Muslim Organisations (FMO)

The recent Planning application (Application Ref. 20172032) in Belgrave for a
Nursery, Education Centre and a small prayer room, and the whole debate around
the proposal brought on surface issues which are extremely concerning for our city which takes pride in its diversity. We respect the right to objections for those living in the immediate area and those who are likely to be affected by the new development. However, it’s disappointing to see the list of comments made by many, demonstrating high level of prejudices against the Muslims.

The Leicester City Council have taken a position to refuse this application and in
doing so are condoning Islamophobia and encouraging the anti-Muslim sentiments in the city. This we believe creates division between the communities and will impact
the genuine needs of the Muslim Community in the future, who are already facing
many challenges in dealing with the hate crimes and discrimination.
We the undersigned support the Belper Street project application (Application Ref.
20172032) in meeting the needs of local people and….

1. Demand an urgent inquiry in reviewing the planning process to establish if
planning regulations were breached in refusing the permission.
2. Demand that Leicester City Council reiterate its commitment to equality for all
citizens and challenging the Islamophobia in the City.
3. Demand that the Leicester City Council review their policies and take
substantial steps in addressing the Islamophobia within the City.

 The Objection to this Planning Application
These comments are in a Public domain – Please see Leicester City Council Website
These (only a few to illustrate – Given as it appears) and many other comments
raise serious concerns:

1.There are too many mosques in the UK as it is. We don’t need anymore.UK is supposed to be a christian country
2. Once Mosques and Madrassas are built in the heart of Belgrave, Hindus will start selling up and move out and Muslims will start buying those houses as they prefer to be near mosques and madressas. Slowly over the years Hindu population will decrease in Belgrave. This was the policy pursued in Highfields and it worked. Belgrave road is a landmark for Leicester and Hindu Culture therefore going forward with the planning permission will break the chain of hinduism and it will be taken over by another culture.
3. The application states Nursery, Education centre and prayer hall. This in my opinnion basically means a mosque. Without sounding racist in anyway this is a predominantly Hindu/Sikh area and would not be welcomed
4. Please do not give permission we had enough from this community, just make play area for kids or make library.
5. I do not agree to this planning application as they have enough education schools for their religion and mosque in Leicester this is a pure Hindu and sikh area and we wish to keep it this way let them stick to their own areas which is Evington
6. Do not want religious riots, already got temple there
7. Why this competition by extremists with good silent religion?
8. Taking over Britain
9. This is so unnecessary and blatant rubbish it is not fair at all. You should not do this they are just converting everyone an you lots are letting it happen
10. I object on the grounds that we do not wish to see a madras( muslim education centre) being built in a pre dominantly hindu area with a temple
11. The mosque should not be allowed to build, there are plenty of mosques already and teaching terrorist activities, hatred towards non muslims and this is a race hate act-to try and build a mosque next to the Hindu Temple to try and get the Hindus to move out. The mosque causes people pollution, noise pollution as well as the known fact of mosques and madrasas teaching nothing but terrorism, trying to convert others, mass breeding to invade - jihad and drive out non muslims. The English are sending this country down the dumps by letting the muslims take over-overtly and covertly
12. Majority are of Hindu Origin and we feel threatened by having this group on our doorstep.
13. Currently too many mosques in the UK. If people have faith it should be practised in their homes.UK is a small country and taking up by mosque buildings is wasteful
14. Why do we need so many mosques
15. Majority are of Hindu Origin and we feel threatened by having this group on our doorstep.

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