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Hi Lei,

We know Google is all about getting things right, but sometimes right looks very different to other people. The introduction of 'simplify page' gave Chrome users a very convenient way to save and print web content by stripping away ads and lot's of useless artifacts, leaving just nice clean content for people to save and archive in digital and print formats.

And while removing it was indeed a sensible act to take in order to streamline the browser of an imperfect element, it stripped users from being able to quickly snip and store away parts of the web they found useful.

The alternatives are very inferior to the simple and elegant solution "simplify page' gave Chrome users. It's worth noting that Firefox found it worthy of adding it as a new feature to their own web browser; this alone should speak volumes as to it's worth to savvy users.

It's only flaw is not meeting the ever-high Google standards and we can all appreciate all the efforts made to only provide users excellent products and services. This appeal is merely asking for some sort of exception to be made to have a way for users to get this tiny feature back, even manually.

As a Chrome OS user, you have to realize that I'm already a sold out Google fan. I am fully aware that Chrome developers may indeed be planning a huge alternative to this simple printing option that will blow 'simplify page' away in its functionality. But for now, Chrome users are in the dark of such development so we are therefore sadly hurting for any possibility of this feature's return.

I chose you as the recipient of this appeal since you are listed as the owner who 'fixed' this Chrome feature by removing it, coincidentally on my birthday, citing that, 'Due to low usage and inconsistent quality, we are removing this feature from print preview.' Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth, which is that for so many, rather than outputting inconsistent quality, it helped so many, myself included, make messy PDFs and printouts more manageable. is a cumbersome substitute, although it does offer other useful print options.

It would be unfair to ask for help if I did not contribute some possible suggestions for its return:

1. When users get the print dialog, they have menu option to select different printers. Simplify page could be part of a Second PDF printing option. If any user picks this printer by mistake, they would only have addition of the tiny simplify page tick box, so this would likely not interfere with their normal printing usage.

2. As a variation of the first suggestion, this printer driver could be one that Chrome users would have to add from the Chrome Store. I don't know how doable that may actually be, but since many printers can be added to the Chrome OS, I suppose that such a feature could be made available.

3. Help in the release of a 'non-official' extension that is an exact replica of the 'simplify page' feature. This will mean users have to add it from the Chrome Store, but believe us, we will not mind at all. It could even be expressed that such extension will not be updated with any new features, except perhaps if a new version of Chrome breaks it.

4. As a variation of the third suggestion, the feature could be 'turned on, by a third party extension, or even a hidden selection within the Chrome browser's options. So the option would be present, just not active by default, so it would be up to users to find it and reactivate it on their own.

I apologize for asking you and the Google Team to re-consider Google's decision to kill-off this print option in the first place, I can only imagine that amount of work you put into creating and modifying it to see if could be saved from the chopping block. Removing a browser element must surely not be an easy decision to take in the first place! We do appreciate all of the development efforts put into Chrome, but this is why we dare to guard awesome features which we find to good to live without!

Other user's responses to this issue:

I hope the flood of feedback from its removal, not only found at the link above, encourages the group in charge of it's introduction and removal to look at any viable suggestions, whether here or elsewhere to re-introduce it, at least until Google introduces a better simplified web printing feature in the future!

Thank you!

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