Student Parking on Mountaintop Campus - Lehigh University

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Mikayla Hymanson
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Lehigh University changed the student parking on Mountaintop Campus to faculty parking and paid visitor parking only.  We pay over $400 for parking passes, which in the past included parking on Mountaintop, but now they do not.  Not to mention, most of the classes on Mountaintop are part of the Art, Architecture and Design department, meaning that they are studios (3 hours). I personally have to spend 16 hours a week on Mountaintop for classes, meaning I would have to pay almost $200 per semester to park there using the hourly parking.  This is the case for many other students as well. Many students spend all day, 5 days a week at Mountaintop campus and will have to pay an absurd amount of money on top of their $400 parking pass just to go to class. 

When I brought this issue up with Parking Services, their response was simply "take the bus".  The bus takes an extremely long time to get to Mountaintop, as it has to go around the entire campus.  Mountaintop campus is NOT walkable to.  It is very far away and on busy roads with no sidewalks.  In addition to this, the bus is often late or stops running during inclement weather.  Many professors have had to push the start time of their classes back because students who take the bus are consistently late to class.  It is absurd that Lehigh University took away our parking and is now forcing us to give them even more money on top of our $75k tuition, $400 parking pass, and their recent $20 million endowment.  Also, Mountaintop campus has multiple, extremely large parking lots that are almost always empty.  Why not turn these into student parking lots?

It seems as if Lehigh only cares about recruiting new students, instead of keeping their current ones happy. Please sign this petition to help the students on Mountaintop be able to attend their classes on time and with ease.

*NOTE SEE PICTURE* Lehigh University posted on their instagram story highlighting that only one of the three buses stop at Mountaintop.  They also even admit it is "for people who aren't in a hurry to get to class".  This just goes to show even Lehigh knows that the bus system to Mountaintop is NOT efficient and cannot get you to class on time.