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Lehigh County Nursing Homes: Allow same sex domestic partnership benefits.

My partner and I have been together for 20 years. I retired from Lehigh County after 22 years of service with lifetime benefits. My partner is still employed with Lehigh County and is looking to retire. Unfortunately after her lengthy 23 years of service to the County, she is not entitled for lifetime benefits. When she retires she will be forced to purchase benefits. If domestic partnership was recognized in Lehigh County she would be eligible to receive health benefits under my plan. Many employees have spouses under their benefits after retirement and 90% of those spouses have never been a County employee. We've talked to congressmen, union members, and followed chain of command. Despite the fact that our insurance carrier Highmark will allow her to be covered under my plan she will never be eligible until the County recognizes this simple request. Please I ask you to sign this petition so everyone is treated equally in Lehigh County

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Allow same sex domestic partnership benefits.

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