Legoland Discovery Centers: Allow Adults and Disabled Adults to Play During the Day

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Upon recent news of a new LegoLand Discovery Center being opened in Birmingham, UK, family members of mine began getting excited at the possibility of going.
However, it was mentioned that one member of my family tried to go to the Discovery Center in Manchester but were refused entry as they 'did not have a child with them'.
Upon looking at the website for the Manchester location, I found that they have 'Adult Only Nights' scheduled as Events once every two months. 

However, how is fair that all adults have to dedicate a particular night of a month to go and visit the attraction just so they can be 'child-free' environment so that they can play with Lego. This also singles out adults with learning disabilities and mental health problems who it may be difficult to organise days around and may also cause trouble and discomfort to the individual in question.

I can just imagine the look of disappointment in my uncle, who has brain damage, to be turned away because he is not a child.

All that is needed is the ability to allow adults to go, as adults without children, during the day without having to set-aside a specific night for them to be 'child-free'