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17 penguins have moved into Legoland in Denmark and they are not built of legos, but consist of skin, flesh and blood. .

Please watch the video

Legoland is an amusement park and certainly not a place for animals. Animals are not entertainment items. They even are a bubble and not out in the fresh air. Even they are born in Captivity in Scotland is this so wrong.

The director says in the video above that they have received good advice on caring for the animals by Sealife. He also says for getting more people to visit Legoland, they had to find something unique. They are part of the Merlin Entertainment Group, which also represents Sea Life.

Click at this link and you will hear how noisy it is. The plan is that children fall through the ice and will end beside the penguins.

Letter to
Denmark Legoland
It is with great concern I have learned that you have live penguins in your amusement park. Although penguins are born in captivity, animals are not entertainment items.

You were the first company in the world said no to Palm Oil for protecting the rainforest and wildlife. Keeping penguins trapped in an amusement park is not protection.

Penguins are animals that swim and walk over great distances. To keep them trapped in a dome with a small lake is not optimal. It is abuse.

These penguins are unable to be set free but they need a place where they receive optimal care and room. An amusement park is not such a place. .

Your decision to use live animals in Legoland because you want some new and unique for getting more visitors can instead cause a worldwide boycott of both parks and toys. .

Thank you for taking the time to read this important message.


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