Stop Putting Stud Shooters as Guns in LEGO Star Wars

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Stud shooters: Yes, they might increase play value, but they are fat and do not resemble Star Wars blasters. Also, it is troublesome to look for the studs after they get shot off to who-knows-where.

LEGO, please stop putting stud shooters as guns in Star Wars sets. As cannons they are ok, but not as minifigure blasters.

Sure, LEGO, perhaps you want to keep using stud shooters as minifigure blasters. Ok then. But please don't put them in battle packs!  Battle packs are meant to be bought multiples of, and adult fans have to bricklink pricey replacement blasters for the figures. You could put the stud shooters in microfighters, as microfighters already look funny, so why not put stud shooters there?

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