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.@LEGO_Group: Stop partnerships with the Sun until they drop topless models on Page 3

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I love Lego. I grew up with it. When I became a dad one of the things I was looking forward to was sitting down with my kids and building Lego models with them. Lego is a truly educational toy, great for boys and girls and is a brand that has become synonymous with integrity and positive values - one of the few simple joys left for children.

So I was appalled to find out that Lego is promoting this product aimed at children just millimeters away from an image that is famous for being one of the most sexist institutions of our time - Page 3 of the Sun Newspaper. That’s why I'm asking Lego to stop partnering with the Sun until the newspaper drops the topless images on Page 3

My boys are seven and nine. They are like information sponges - absorbing what they see. When they see things they don't understand they ask about it. How on earth do you explain that Page 3 is a sexist image to kids of that age? And why should I have to? Lego talks about its positive impact on children's development and learning. In a section on its website called ‘Caring’ it says:

“Caring is about the desire to make a positive difference in the lives of children, for our partners, colleagues and the world we find ourselves in, and considering their perspective in everything we do.”

I think that Lego should look at their partnership from a child’s perspective - and the impact that seeing these images has on how young people grow up thinking about women is huge and very important. It's great that Lego  partners with the media to make these fantastic toys available to as many people as possible - but please stop partnering with The Sun until they've dropped Page 3.

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