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Get LEGO meme sets

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Memes are a new genre of comedy around the Internet. They focus on spreading certain characters (key word is characters) throughout infinite websites. LEGO is a company that makes buildable toys out of bricks. They also create characters (called Minifigures) from iconic franchises, like Batman, The Avengers, Doctor Who and recently even The Goonies and Beetlejuice. LEGO needs memes. It would make the hearts of many memers, included mine, delighted and "lit". I mean, who doesn't want a Dat Boi build or Robbie Rotten Minifigure on their shelf?

That's why I made this petition. It could be good for LEGO's business, as well. I mean, memes cover a large variety of franchises. Shrek, The Bee Movie, Sonic the Hedgehog, FNaF and Undertale just to name a few. If LEGO made Meme sets, they'd get the rights to all of those. It would be entertaining for us and helpful for LEGO.

I hope you take my interesting idea into consideration, everyone. It isn't big, but in this stupid world of racism, terrorists and depression, we all need every bit of happiness we can get. As the memers would say, "do it for the lolz."

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