Do your best to win your position and fight fairly, Govern Right!

Do your best to win your position and fight fairly, Govern Right!

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Started by Allysa Sia

I sent a petition to the legislature after the next election, asking them to find candidates and legislators who do not fight effectively. We respectfully urge that you take into account our request. The group requested that the authorities investigate the matter.


My petition is based on my observations and research into political issues, and it is aimed at politicians as well as regular people like myself.

In managing projects and issues in countries, provinces, and cities, a well-trained and experienced leader is more effective. Choose our leaders properly and pay attention to what they do.


The government should focus on fighting corruption by examining leaders one by one and removing any corrupt legislators from office. Good and responsible leaders don't need to buy votes; when voters see their work and recognize how it benefits everyone, they will almost certainly win.


The security of our elections is a national security issue that necessitates quick action and coordination at all levels of government. The 2020 election will be hard-fought and divisive. The Covid-19 pandemic has already caused major disruptions to our elections system, and the risk that other real crises, natural disaster, machine breakdown, foreign interference will further disrupt the election is significant. However, there is a huge risk that political actors may create crises in order to sabotage election results that they do not like. These phony crises have the potential to erode public confidence in election results, inflame party tensions, and undermine our democracy.


This issue brief includes nine recommendations for addressing some of the most serious vulnerabilities in election infrastructure.

Every vote cast must be accompanied by voter-verified paper ballots or records.

Old voting machines must be replaced.

Conduct thorough post-election audits to confirm election results.

Update and secure out-of-date voter registration systems and electronic poll books.Minimum cybersecurity standards should be required for voter registration systems and other voting infrastructure.

Conduct mandatory pre-election testing on all voting machines, as well as ongoing vulnerability assessments.

Increase the sharing of threat information, including comprehensive threat assessments accompanied by mandatory reporting requirements.

Increase election security coordination between states and federal agencies, including real-time notification of security breaches and threats.

Provide federal funding for the modernization of election infrastructure.


Every healthy democracy relies on free and fair elections to ensure that government authority is derived from the people's will. However, voters need more than a well-managed polling day to be confident that their elections are truly free and fair. I wish we vote the true leader that can prove her/his promises.

6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!