Assistance to families of violent crimes

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Their are so many families around the country who are victims of violence. Well they have an organization federal funded called victims of crimes respirations and victims of witness these organizations is supposed to help families for reimbursement of funeral costs etc. Well if the person who was brutally murdered by the hands of someone else has a felony,or on probation/parole within the five year period time of which the person was murdered they will not assist the family in no type of way. I don't care of what the person background was he/she didn't deserve to be murdered and the families shouldn't have to suffer. I am a mother of a son who was murdered and was on parole with a felony charge so they would not give me any assistance. I believe this law should be changed its not fair to the families who has the hardships of trying to bury a love one and not have the money. I had to sell plates and have carwashes to bury my son. I now also have to raise two of his sons and I cant even get help with that. We also need to do something to stop these senseless killings to our kids. Please sign so we can change this law you never know if you may be in this situation and you too or someone you know will not be able to receive the help they desperately needs. If this law changes it will help a lot of families especially in this day and age how our generation of kids are dying by the hands of each other daily and they are getting younger and younger. 

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