SAVE YOUR PETS! Time to Change A 39yr old Act

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There needs to be changes in our legislation to not only protect farmers from animals who are a menace to their property, but for humans to act in a humane and considerate manner towards animals on their property.

SHOOTING should not be a first course of action for tagged dogs. 

This law ( part 3 #25 ) was last revised in 1980 - that’s 39 years old - I believe pet owners and society’s humanity is further along than this law reflects.  This law should have revisions to maintain safety and to prevent unnecessary loss to responsible pet owners.  

This is our Story. If this can happen to us. It can happen to you and your pets.

No one ever intends to let their pets wander the countryside on purpose! Just look at all the Facebook pets looking to reunite lost and missing pets!  

This happened to us 1 week before my daughters wedding day. A week that should have been filled with joy and anticipation but instead was with sorrow and pain of the unnecessary loss of our beloved animals. Animals that we campaigned. That had well bred temperaments, were anxiety therapy dogs and illness support dogs.  

In an instant - GONE 

At 12:37pm on Saturday April 27,2019 I left my home to meet someone as they were transporting one of my siberian Huskies to B.C. for a dog show 

Prior to my departure - I crated my other two Siberian huskies (Canadian Champions Marquesa Promises (imported from Costa Rica) and Kuvuks Celestial Echo (Canadian bred and sired by a US & CAN top Siberian) 
Approximately 10-15 min after I left my daughter let them outside into their dog run and she continued working on a project in the kitchen.  
She did not hear anything unusual happening as it turns out they both escaped the dog run.

When I arrived home at 1:08pm - which means I was away for only 31 min.  The dogs were away for maximum 16 min . I came in the house and seen the girls were not crated and I asked where they were 
My daughter said they were outside 
To which I replied I didn’t see them 

We immediately went outside to look 
As we were in the front of the house decided where to go look in the neighbourhood 
At that moment we were notified in person by one of the  family members of the whereabouts of our girls - as they were known to be our dogs.  And clearly collared and labeled if that was not the case.  

(Our animals were known to them as having lived in the area and children riding the bus together.. the older dog was previously on property one time exactly a week prior as we were having issues with our dog run as it was thawing out from the winter. We moved back to our acreage in november and that is when the run was built.  I informed them of the situation and apologized for the inconvenience was told that she was playing with their dogs and was running in the field.. was friendly and sitting nicely beside the kids upon pickup. I was actively looking for her at this time as she had just gotten out - as i do not want my animals bugging other people or animals - as soon i knew she was out i was driving around looking for her and seen her at this place with children..  On the day of this incident was a second time for the older one and the very first time for the little one. the older one attended work with me all week to prevent escape as we were set to be fixing all the thawed areas that afternoon of the event.)

This was not a habitual thing to be going on their property*****. Their barbwire fencing was also completely down the perimeter of their property

My daughter and son in law immediately traveled the short 4 min drive time to a farm Upon arrival they were informed  the dogs are “over there” After realizing the gravity of the situation she went back to the vehicle and cried out in horror 

Our girls had been killed 

Immediately following was a phone call between my son In Law and the livestock owner

and went as follows 

Our questions ..... 
were they chasing anything 
He said No 
had they bitten anything 
He said No 
did they drawn any blood on anything 
He said No 

so why were they shot when he sent someone to come get us to get them.  

—- I take responsibility in the aspect of them being there but not for the choice in the action taken. 

—- had in fact they did cause any damage our loss of pregnancy or calf I also would have take financial responsibility- I was not given the choice or opportunity to even attempt to retrieve them prior to any chasing or major upset. 

Our girls had close range shots with a rifle to each of them 
The smaller of the two Echo (35pounds) had to have been shot very close to have a wound the size of a large softball - not humane. 

Since this time the grief and pain of our loss is so immense and due to an outdated bylaw their is no recourse - and allows unnecessary use of a firearm against tagged pets.  

A farmer is protected by the law to gun down my livestock even though we were on our way to retrieve them, that escaped a fenced enclosure on my farm

the investment emotionally to raise and to showcase them all across Alberta and B.C. in CKC sanctioned confirmation events - and the immense loss is devastating to our hearts and our extending Siberian community 

 because my livestock is a purebred CKC champion registered Siberian Huskies.  A dog like yours. A pet like yours. A therapy animal like yours.

There needs to be changes in our legislation to not only protect farmers from animals who are a menace to their property, but for humans to act in a humane and considerate manner towards animals on their property. HELP US MAKE THIS CHANGES TO THE STRAY ANIMAL ACT

YOUR DOGS can just be killed 

help us petition for change to this act 

add in steps like 

further investigation allowed if deemed necessary by law enforcement with potential repercussions 

proof of attempt to contain animals 

proof of owner contacts and owner attempt to recover 

proof of damages to livestock to deem a shooting decision 

proof of all other humane options taken 

currently the act states that anything deemed a potential threat can be shot and killed without recourse 

This could have have been your family member your pet your therapy animal.  

The law  in the UK states all the steps required to manage a “stray” animal on a farm - let’s model their example.

Current bylaw :

I do support farmers to protect their livestock- this is about what other actions need to be taken to make all other necessary humane attempts for tagged dogs and if none were taken then those actions need to be penalized 

I take complete responsibility for my part. But I also need to seek justice and change for our girls 

please read the UK policies for which we should be modelling after. 

We need to bring this up to date.  Please sign and share 

police file number 2019575679