Support quality and affordable mental health programs on St. John

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St. John medical practitioners see many patients who suffer from mental illness or have a family member or loved one suffering from mental illness. Medical practitioners on St. John frequently struggle with the lack of options and treatment programs available to refer patients to receive proper and needed care. In the Virgin Island territory, mental health care is a critical missing component of holistic care plans for reaching optimal health.

St. John, in particular, is lacking affordable and accessible mental health care options. St. Johnians with mental illness are often forced to forgo the care they need due to the unavailability of programs to serve this community need, which poses a detrimental risk to the wellbeing of both the patients and the community as a whole. Often, intervention and care only occur when the mentally ill hurt themselves or others. This intervention is then usually in the form of incarceration, which is not an appropriate or effective method of treatment. The territory needs inpatient, outpatient, and community outreach programs in order to reach the wide array of patients needing mental health treatment.

Please help the Virgin Islands, and particularly St. John, create quality and affordable mental health programs!