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Federal Government Legalize Cannabis for Medicinal purposes

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RSO (Cannabis oil) has MANY medicinal benefits and yet it is still being seen as  "just a pot heads high" We need our medical insurance companies to pay for medicinal marijuana and urinalysis (UA) should not include marijuana if you possess a medicinal marijuana card.

My brother in law has had lymphoma for a couple of years. When he got his initial diagnosis he was told he may not see any signs of his cancer for years. He was told to come back in a year's time for reevaluation.

During that one year, he studied his options had the cancer ever decided to rear it's ugly head. RSO, now being legal in Oregon was one option along with radiation and chemotherapy. He decided if there was ever a need for it, he would like to do the less harmful approach of RSO.

At his one year appointment, the Dr's. were shocked at how advanced his so called, "slow growing" cancer had spread. He was told he needed chemotherapy immediately. He got a second opinion and was told his body would start shutting down within two weeks.

With his studies behind him and with his Dr's. skepticism, he decided to approach his cancer with RSO. Of course this was with the idea that if the RSO didn't work he would jump on board with chemotherapy. Whatever was going to work would naturally be his choice.

At this point he went to his boss and told him what his options were. His boss told him to do whatever he needed to do.

At his next scheduled appointment and every appointment since then, his Dr's. are amazed at his readings. In his Dr's. words, "I have never seen a cancer patient with such good readings". His lymph nodes continue to shrink and the majority of them have disappeared. His Oncologist are now very onboard with his RSO use.

Sadly, at the very same time my brother in law was diagnosed, a family friend received the very same diagnosis.  He went to the same Oncologist as my brother in law. His religious beliefs would not allow him to use Cannabis. Unfortunately, he died 3 months ago.

My brother in law does NOT smoke the cannabis. He derives the oil and uses it in a nightly capsule. He is NOT sitting around getting "high".

Recently, his boss telephoned him to ask why he wouldn't do a UA . Thinking it was an odd question he told him, "because I wouldn't pass, I'm doing marijuana for my cancer" Apparently his boss had not understood that RSO was marijuana and reluctantly let him go, with the promise that if he ever didn't have to 'use' he would have his job back. Unfortunately, there will never be a time he won't have to use for preventative measures.

Now, as it stands, he is out of a good job and he is not eligible for unemployment because he refused a UA.

Nobody should ever have to be put into a position of choosing life.

Our federal government needs to legalize cannabis use for medicinal purposes, which would lead to Insurance companies paying for cannabis treatments and marijuana should not be included on a UA if one possesses a medicinal marijuana card. 

Thank you, Sheila Davis

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