Winning the war on drugs

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Since the DEA was formed in 1971 we have seen greater quantities of illicit drugs on our streets, many more overdose deaths and greater numbers of recreational drug users and actual addicts. Before we passed our first restrictive drug laws in 1917 the US (and the rest of the world) had no drug problem. We had some addicts and users but they were just ordinary citizens that functioned normally in society. History has shown that restricting access to drugs only skyrockets their costs while at the same time giving rise to organized drug cartels. Several countries have actually gotten a handle on their drug problem and have achieved significant reductions in the three parameters mentioned above (less drugs, less addicts and fewer deaths, less AIDS) by decriminalizing all drugs and by treating drug addicts as sick people rather than criminals. It is time to disband the DEA  and to admit that the "war on drugs" was a huge mistake and allow physicians and scientists to formulate a successful approach to this problem. In 47 years the DEA has accomplished nothing.