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Visitation rights for grandparents with their grandchildren.

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My son passed away almost 4 years ago. Two of his minor children , now ages 10 and 7 are being keep away from me. I had always been very active and present in their lives since their birth. When my son passed away, their mother refused to let me have visits or anyone else in the family. Then she did allow them occasionally to come over. I even had them for 10 days straight while she took a trip out of the country. Then she began to isolate them again. The children have always been very happy to be with me and the rest of their siblings, and cousins, aunts, and uncles. Last May the oldest one got a hold of the mothers pills, and almost overdosed. The children were removed from mothers care and given to me for temporary custody, until the mother worked on her case plan. I provided everything for them. I took then to school, doctors appointments, activities, family gatherings etc. Once the children were returned to her on Dec.31, 2016, she has refused to answer my calls, or text messages, as I ask to at least speak to the children.  I don't even know where they are. It is very important for children that have lost a parent to be connected with  that parents family. Their are many other grandparents that are being isolated from their grandchildren and this is not fair for the children. My youngest granddaughter would cry, when I was preparing her for her reunification with her mother. That last day she said, I know mommy will not let me come over. I tried to reassure her that this time maybe it would be different, but in her little mind she was right. Why should they be deprived from being with a grandparent who loves them and has always been there for them. Please consider helping make a law for grandparents to have rights, like other States have. When children are removed from their parents care, one of the first people that are considered for temporary custody are the grandparents, We are considered good enough to care for the children, then why can't we at least have rights for visitations. I lost my son, the children lost their father. It's not fair for the children to also lose their grandmother and other family members.   

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