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Suppress the names of any suspect charged with terrorism.

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A very wise man, Mr. John Silvester, is a senior writer at 'The Age' - a Fairfax Media publication.

On Tuesday the 6th of June 2017, Sly (as he is affectionately known) penned an editorial piece in immediate response to a terror attack in Melbourne, Australia.

Within Sly's editorial he spoke of the 'cult of celebrity' and the actions of 'copy-cats' directly following terror events that are highly publicised by the media.

Sly went on to speak of the need to 'support legislation that suppressed the name of any suspect charged with terrorism', and when 'on conviction, simply be assigned a number, simultaneously stripping them of their name and notoriety (Inmate 1345) – never to be referred to by name again.'

Sly's editorial piece hit the nail on the head. In our quest to be aware of all the facts, we, the members of the public, get suckered in. We buy print newspapers, tabloids and the like, and we subscribe to online 'news' sites touting the latest breaking news, complete with photos and every little detail a journo can dig up on these bastard perpetrators. In doing so we help foster their moment of infamy.

If legislation was passed preventing media outlets from naming these offenders, we would starve them of attention and publicity and we'd (hopefully) reduce instances of the 'copy-cat' crimes that follow.

(Provided Fairfax doesn't change the URL) John Silvester's editiorial can be found in full at the following link:

Take the time to read it. If you agree with the sentiment and would like to see change, sign this petition. This may be a fruitless exercise, though if many state their opinion maybe, just maybe, those with the power to legislate may hear our collective voice.

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