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Stop the assault on the rights of women to make their own choices.

This petition should be supported because it is the right of each woman to determine her own destiny. That destiny involves all aspects of life including her body, mind, heart and spirit. For someone outside a person's body to decide how it will be allowed to function as well as when, with whom and in what manner it functions, they assume undue control akin to the ownership of that body. These controls apply to all women regardless of race, socio-economic status or class.  We are asking legislators to stop the assault on the rights of women to make their own choices and rescind those laws aready in effect.

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Legislators.


39 states out of the 50 U.S. states have passed legislation to prevent women from having the right to make choices concerning their bodies. Thirty-nine states have passed laws to not allow women the freedom to choose their destinies or just to be. These laws block a woman’s right to make decisions that only women who will be responsible for the results of their choices can and should be able to make.

As an advocate for women, I believe that when we know about something but do nothing about it, we are giving silent consent to the offense. I am therefore calling for the signing of this petition to protest the passing of these laws.

Having discussed with women, and following the national outrage of this trend, women understand the seriousness and harm created in the making of laws to control their rights to choose. They know how it feels to make decisions concerning protection or elimination of parts of their bodies. They know the stress of desiring sex, but not wanting to get pregnant, the abasement of having a pelvic exam or an ultrasound or an abortion. They also know the feelings of their emotional relief. Some have endured rape, familial sexual abuse, unwanted pregnancy, rape by strangers and loved ones, or just the mistake of a night of fun and pleasure.

Regardless of the circumstances, or socio-economic status, most women believe it should only be their choice and decision and not that of any legislator, male or female. On behalf of women, we therefore protest these laws which restrict any woman’s right to choose and ask that by signing this petition you support the efforts of this protest to stop the assault on the rights of women to make their own choices.


Paris E. Tompkins

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