SCHOOLING DURING COVID - 19: Internet access and computers for EACH CHILD in Michigan

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The impact of COVID-19 isn’t just on our healthcare system or economy - it's affecting education as well. Children cannot physically go to school anymore. This means access to education is completely reliant on the internet. But many children across the state of Michigan are without internet access and computers, unable to attend school at all.

If we claim that access to education is a right, then - at this time -  access to online instruction is also a right. 

This lack of access is a grave inequity that will have lasting effects if not addressed now. Too many children are being deprived of their right to a free public education simply because of a lack of resources. This is an issue that all of society needs to work on and solve together, especially those with the power to mandate and/or fund universal access. In order to address inequitable access to education during COVID-19, we propose the following actions: 

- We propose that legislators direct funds to providing each child with these technologies.

- We propose that districts and communities with the highest needs are prioritized in the distribution of these technologies. 

- We propose that every child have access to broadband internet, NOT dial-in services. Children should be able to participate in class without interruptions due to the quality of internet connection. 

As a state, we all have a stake in an informed and educated citizenry. Please join us in advocating for our children across the state.