End Extra-Judicial Harassment & Abuse Programs

End Extra-Judicial Harassment & Abuse Programs

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Transit Report started this petition to Legislators

PETITION by transitreport.org

Issues: Covert interference, suppression and injury programs.

Human rights are at risk in places where the constitution and the media are disregarded.
Citizens need to hold all sectors of government and private security corporations to account. In order to do that, transparency must be sought.

This petition refers to victims of harassment with zero histories of violence or felony.

➤ The insights of interference and harm provided on our website amply demonstrate government branches, police and security have covert harassment & harm programs in place.
➤ Access to appropriate services is being denied by obfuscation, sequester & supplant tactics.
➤ The tools in use are provocateurs, weaponized social engineering and innumerable set-play accidents with the appearance of plausible deniability.

Consider every nuance of every report made around the globe to police and insurance companies over the last 100 years. There is an immense database of case studies available to those with the volition for abuse.

❝ Single men and women are terrorized into hysterical states, by ‘neighbours’ according to statements.
❝ Children as young as three become tethered to an untested permanent record, which propagates into an accepted lifelong profile.
❝ While travelling internationally, I’ve noticed the same style of efforts to lure and harass.
❝ Undiagnosed allergies have played a critical factor in my life since birth. Perceived as emotional disturbance, then anger, then substance abuse.  

Inferred threat levels often stem from confidential accusations based on classic transference, delusion or biased perceptions.

Social control programs are pervasive around the globe. They affect every citizen of every country.  
Ministries and elected officials are sold on plausible deniability as a means to an end. Secrecy at all costs is a pitiful situation for a democracy.
The truth of yet another systemic abuse history is being dredged up.

To Legislators,

We the undersigned believe transparency is the way forward. Allow victims an opportunity to refute and defend with the force of representation. Cut the budgets for civil terrorism.


"The exercise of their volition we construe as* indifference to the trammels of diligence and care."

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