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America is the only nation in the world not to ratify the United Nation's Rights of the Child Treaty.

Children have no voice in the media, courts, homes or legislature. Only a fraction of parental violence and abuse against children is ever reported, a tiny percentage of that number is ever prosecuted and parents can legally withhold life saving medical care from their children in 37 states.

Today, America's youth have the same rights as pets, slaves and women prior to 1918. Until this treaty is ratified and children have an absolute right to safety and well-being, our communities, schools, public health and public safety & quality of life will continue to suffer.

Make the United Nations Rights of the Child Treaty of 1989 a community and campaign issue and a priority for ratification in Congress.

Sign KARA's petition to make leaders aware of how out of step America is in how it treats children and move your colleagues in awareness and support for giving children the human rights the rest of us enjoy.

Demand that America ratify the 1989 Rights of the Child Treaty giving children the civil rights the rest of us enjoy.

The rest of the world has done so and it is the right thing to do.