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Thousands of residents and their children in the City of Cockburn, Perth, Western Australia, live 1-3 kilometres from an old quicklime factory which burns 250,000+ tonnes of dirty coal each year.

They and their homes are downwind of the plume of toxic gases and particulates (dust) from the lime kiln chimneys and wind blown heavy metal laden coal dust, lime kiln dust (coal ash), Portland cement dust and shell sand.  Local children as young as 2 have now been found to have high levels of heavy metals (e.g. antimony, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, lead mercury, manganese and vanadium) in recent tests.

We want the licence granted to this factory owned by Cockburn Cement Limited (whose parent company is Adelaide Brighton Limited) to be amended to stop it burning coal and to use a lower polluting fuel for their lime kilns.

We also want the company to reduce its pollution by

1. covering its stockpiles and waste dumps to stop wind blown dust entering the community;

2. fully enclosing its Portland cement operations to stop wind blown cement dust entering the community;

3. filtering the groundwater it uses to remove sulphur and chlorine which create highly toxic compounds which are emitted into the community; and

4. installing effective pollution reduction technology to significantly reduce the range and quantity of toxic gases and particulates emitted by the factory.

We want the law changed to more effectively regulate the company’s pollution at the factory.

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