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Honourable Premier Cochrane, Minister of Health & Social Services Diane Thom, and members of the Legislative Assembly

May it be known, that there are too many travelers still crossing the NWT border without following the isolation guidelines that were put in place by the Minister of Health & Social Services under the Northwest Territories' Public Health Act on the recommendation of Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO) Dr. Kami Kandola.

These people are not quarantining; many provide false information to the border crossing agents.  These people are stopping at our local businesses and visiting our communities at will.

It is our firm belief that there is not enough being done to protect our citizens from the threat of COVID19.  If our borders remain closed - they should be closed to all non-essential travel unless those entering the territory agree to self-isolate as instructed.  The enforcement is one area where the system is lacking.  These travelers need to be clearly educated, closely monitored and ensured that they travel directly to their isolation destination.

Another issue of concern is persons traveling into the territory on the guise of living in one of our communities.  Many of those travelers possess northern ID but actually live in southern cities where COVID19 is still active.  We are requesting persons crossing our border are thoroughly verified before being allowed to travel further.

Please consider our concerns and pleas to help keep COVID19 as far from the NWT and our communities as possible.  We have put our faith in your leadership and our health in your hands; as our elected leaders your voice MUST be our voice and act in OUR best interest.

Signed by Concerned Citizens of the Northwest Territories