Rainbow District School Board; Educational Malfeasance

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Whereas the Ministry of Education oversees all school boards in the Province of Ontario, and as such there is an immediate need for a ministerial investigation and oversight of the Rainbow District School Board for serious contraventions contrary to the Ontario Education Act, Ontario Clean Water Act 2006, Municipal Freedom of Information and Rights to Privacy Act, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Ontario Human Rights Code; and

Whereas the Rainbow District School Board by failing to adhere to the Ontario Clean Water Act and by failing to permanently remedy the unsafe levels of lead contamination in school drinking water (33 schools) are placing our students and educators at serious risk of lead poisoning; and 

Whereas the malfeasance, systemic discrimination, abuse of power, abuse of process, excessive pay increases, incurring large legal fees to defend their malfeasance as well as Administration have taken money out of the classrooms and thus have created significant negative impact on students, parents, families and the community. 

We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows: to commence an immediate detailed ministerial investigation and oversight of the Rainbow District School Board as well as a complete financial audit of school board spending since 2010, including exuberant pay increases to be conducted by the Office of the Provincial Auditor and detailed reports of findings to be submitted to the Ontario Legislature. 

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