Ontario Hairstylists NEED Your HELP!

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Roughly 35,000 Red Seal Hairstylists in Ontario, servicing 14.7 million Canadian residents, are members of The Ontario Trades Colleges & Universities. Like other trades, we are mandated to pay annual dues. Our paid dues have contributed upwards of $16 million dollars in revenue for the ministry over the past several years alone.   


  • Expose ourselves to chemicals. 
  • Are at risk for long-term work related injuries.

Regardless of the financial contribution we make to the ministry, hairstylists do not have access to extended Health Benefits, Pension Plans and are one of the only trades whose employers can opt out of WSIB. 

Our Industry needs an upgrade. Apprentices entering our field rely on the training they receive from Journeypersons. Our skills and training provide a vital service to the public and are irreplaceable by technology. 

Your signature matters. Please help your hairstylist advocate for change by bringing about new legislation through the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and the Ontario MPP in 2020.  

*Must be a current Ontario Resident.