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End Violence in Our Schools

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Collectively we have found that violence in schools is an increasing problem, and a lot of individuals are quickly to blame drugs and alcohol for this violence, however we have found that this usually isn’t the case. We looked at the potential trends in fighting and fighting related injuries, and finding the patterns of physical fighting injuries. There are trends in violent youth who are a part of subgroups. There are strong themes of social association including the lack of as displayed in youth feeling isolated which lead to aggressive behaviour (Le & Johansen, 2011). School avoidance is a large issue that stems from violence and further hinders the youth’s ability to succeed in school. As a group we are passionate about having an impact on the issue of violence in schools, as it is a dire issue with youth in our country and around the world. The statistics on this issue and the consequences of it are very powerful and give us insight into how severe of an issue it is. This is a serious health issue as we learned that fighting is the fifth most common reason for injury in Canadian youth and third most common reason for injuries requiring significant medical treatment (Djerboua et al., 2010). Even though we are aware that this is a growing subject of concern in schools there still hasn’t been effective measures put in place to reduce the prevalence of overall violence committed by youth and targeting youth. We feel that this is an issue that commonly gets disregarded and is not addressed by educators due to their inability to effectively handle violence and the situations leading up to violent acts amongst students. 

Youth attend school for over 12 years of their life, and if school is not a safe place for them to be, or a place they associate with danger, it will result in the youth getting poor grades, or not finishing school at all. This is why as a CYC it is so important to advocate for youth’s safety, because if they feel as though their safety is at risk, they can’t focus on anything else resulting in our youth not being successful. Due to the fact that fighting is the fifth most common reason for injury in Canadian youth and third most common reason for injuries requiring significant medical treatment (Djerboua et al., 2010), it is important for individuals who work with youth daily, like us as CYC’s to understand who is at risk for fighting, or fighting related injuries, and what reasons support these outcomes. There’s more behind the issue of violence in schools among youth and we can take the initiative in schools to be proactive. Our role would be to incorporate multiculturalism, and skill building in areas of problem solving, positive peer association and empathy.

One of the issues we would be targeting is the negative impact it has on youth and bringing survivors of past bullying to speak to youth. We would address is this issue amongst the others through providing workshops on traumatic brain injuries (not just students, staff at schools as well) how they can incorporate their skills and multiculturalism, strong ethnic identity and positive peer association. Implementing this preventative action in elementary schools would also work toward achieving awareness at a young age and implementing techniques and skills to prepare young people. Our initiatives extend to having support systems in place, preparing youth in high school because the bullying is already there.

This issue not only effects the youth within the school but the school system, parents and educators. The school system is effected as there is a ripple effect on the acts of violence committed including having to addresses safety concerns pertaining to educators teaching in unsafe environment’s, youth being at risk due to school climate, physical acts of violence and what occurs on social media amongst these youth after school hours. Parents will feel a breach of safety in an environment that should already be safe and providing education to their children. Educators will feel that they will have additional issues in their classroom that will hinder their ability to teach. We want to target this issue on a broad level by trying to make changes though the school and staff and working with individuals one on one to work on these skills. We will not be able to do this without the support of a larger system. Making sure everyone in the school is involved, everyone is affected and has the ability to utilize these resources and tools. As educators it’s vital for them to be able to provide students with tools and a safe place to express their concerns.

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