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Make Alberta the 1st Province to Support Direct Donations From Stores to Food Banks

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We the undersigned are presenting this letter of petition to the Legislative Assembly to urge the Government of Alberta to make changes to implement direct donation from grocery stores to food banks by addressing the industry’s concerns regarding liability.

We believe this action will guide Alberta toward becoming the first Canadian province to make this positive and necessary change.
Now is the time for this province to act so that food insecure Albertans are no longer challenged by poor access and availability while grocery stores across the province send edible food to landfills. The Legislative Assembly has the power to urge the provincial Government to help Albertans access better nutrition and reduce Alberta’s waste of food in garbage landfills.
Many grocery stores throw edible food out because of regulated liability concerns even as Food Bank workers visit the grocery stores regularly to collect from public donation bins. How is this socially or environmentally just? How does this support the social and environmental standards Albertans are working towards?

Every Canadian Province struggles with these same issues, Alberta can set the standard and be the first province to make this positive change.
We believe in the Alberta government’s ability to make positive changes for the province and set the standard for the country. We believe getting quality food to Alberta’s food banks is an attainable goal. We believe this proposal will improve nutritional access for all Alberta’s communities while reducing unnecessary waste across the province.
We hereby submit our signatures.

Please note: The name and address of the persons who sign this petition may be made available to the public if the petition is in proper form to be presented in the Legislative Assembly.

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