Legislation on a strict curfew on Barangay San Nicolas Zone 1 and 2

Legislation on a strict curfew on Barangay San Nicolas Zone 1 and 2

June 12, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Febbie Nava

It's been 10 years of enduring the endless noise,chaotic feud and traumatizing brutal fight cause by the bystanders who are like night owls, always around the street till twilight. The bystanders have been a great dilemma in the two zones in gabas street and legislation of curfew is the best way to fix and achieve serenity in our zones.

Three of our members resides near the corner of the streets of the bystanders usually stay and do their stuffs, but most of the things they do are unethical.

These are the following things that they usually do:

  • Shouting and talking loud knowing that people in their homes are already sleeping.
  • Brutally fighting in the street at a very late hour.
  • Catcalling a very unacceptable, rude and disturbing action they do that made a lot of girls scared to walk on our street.

But the most important thing why we want a strict curfew in Zone 1 and 2 Gabas street is because lots of minors are still out at a very late our considering the dangers that they might face.

We would like to start the curfew at the time of 10 in the evening and ends at 5 in the morning. The individuals who will be caught violating will do the following consequences.

For minors:

  • Planting of 10 trees
  • Cleaning the canals

For Adults

  • Planting of 20 trees
  • Public service for 5 days

In order to meet our desired vission we will ask help from the Barangay captain to make our visions become a reality and we will also ask for the full cooperation of the residents of Barangay San Nicolas Zone 1 and 2 Gabas street.















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Signatures: 6Next Goal: 10
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