Legislate equal pay in Canada #konagirls. #Theglassceilingcantholdus

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Legalize Equal Pay for Canadians

I would like to see this legislated in Canada, the US and all countries. 

Canadian women earned 87 cents an hour for every dollar made by men in 2015

On January 1st, Iceland became the first country in the world to legalize equal pay.  Read more here: #konagirls. This proves it is possible and can be done.  


The bill is now in effect and makes it illegal for employers to pay male workers more, as well as requires companies of 25+ staff to provide reporting to show they are paying men and women. 

Not only are men being paid more but women #METOO continue to be harassed and treated differently than their male coworkers.  Women suffer the threat of being ostracized, demeaned and losing career status if they complain. 

It's time men and women stand to this inequality.

Please sign and share to support your daughters, mothers, sisters, to see equal pay for women to just in Canada, but worldwide. 

 Here are some statistics if you would like to read more:  

Wage gap now 72%

Mcleans #payequity