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Legislate compulsory student early-assessment testing for dyslexia in Canada.


In a typical Canadian classroom, up to five children are functionally illiterate because of untreated dyslexia. Children with dyslexia can learn to read well if they are identified early and are provided with a structured, evidence-based approach to reading. The problem in Canada is that far too many children with dyslexia are not receiving the help they need and deserve and Dyslexia Canada intends to change that with your help.

Our Mission is to establish legislation specific to recognizing and remediating dyslexia to include compulsory assessment for dyslexia in Kindergarten, no later than the end of Grade 1. We will also lobby for mandatory training for primary educators in dyslexia-specific interventions.
We partner with professional organizations, experts and advocates to drive systemic change and work to educate and engage the Canadian public concerning the discrimination faced by children with dyslexia in our public schools.

Please join us in our commitment to ensure all Canadian children get a fair education. 

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